We can work it out, Part 2

After last week’s post, I found the following quote that I came across this week from weeklybulletin@musicconnection.com particularly pertinent:

If you’re going to create music with other people, you should work out agreements so you can manage expectations. It’s always difficult, especially when there’s money involved, to negotiate things after the fact. Work that out as you’re creating the music instead of just saying, ‘We love each other and it’ll all work out,’ because circumstances change.”

– Shoshana Zisk, music lawyer, San Francisco Music Law (George Clinton, Island Records, Motown Records) Issue 23, 2006.
The phrase that stands out to me most is “managing expectations.” Expectations are almost always unspoken. When they are expressed, it is often at the point of heated conflict where there are feelings of misunderstanding and betrayal. Shoshana’s advice is good: talk about expectations as you’re creating the music. This kind of conversation is not an easy one. It gets to a more personal and vulnerable level. At times, it can be very helpful to have a facilitator for the discussion. I work with bands to do just that. Everyone gets heard and areas that easily cause tension can be managed and conflict diffused.
The goal is for the fun and free flow of collaborative creativity thereby contributing to the success of the band as a whole.

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